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Crucial Shift Consulting programs are specifically designed to help you navigate the challenges of the day!

Recalibrating in the face of Disruption to Implement Complex Initiatives
Customized Hands-on Support
Leading Through Change
Campus Coalition Customized Retreats
DEI Change Management Workshops for Teams
Leading Through Change Customized Board Retreats
Leading Through Change
Customized Workshops for Deans and Teams

Leadership Development​

  • Leadership Assessments, Training and Development

  • Decision-Making Protocols and Alignment

  • Paradigm-Shifting and Creative Problem-Solving Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Messaging

  • Change Management (DE&I, Covid-19, New Programs)

  • Meeting and Conflict Facilitation

  • Anti-Bias Professional Development

  • Aligned Performance Goal Management


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

  • ​Anti-bias Initiative Implementation Capacity Assessment

  • Anti-Bias Professional Development

  • Anti-Bias Systemic Interventions for Decision-Making, Policies and Procedures, Resource Allocation and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Anti-Bias Curriculum and Marketing Review

  • Anti-Bias Program Development and Implementation

  • Anti-Bias Workshops, Town Hall Meetings and Interventions

  • Anti-Bias Conflict Management Program Development


Organizational Development

  • ​SWOT Analysis and Change Management Strategy Planning and Implementation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Workflow and Process Re-engineering

  • Policy and Procedure Review and Re-engineering

  • Structural Design Assessment

  • Structural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Assessments and Program Implementation

  • Mission-Aligned Systems Integration

  • Communication Protocols and Mediums

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