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All aspects of higher education organizations have been disrupted by
and disruption decreases capacity to achieve student, research and service goals. Let us help you identify and navigate the barriers to getting to where you need to go.

How Has Change Impacted Your Institution's Ability to Serve Students?

While there’s a natural tendency to immediately begin solving urgent problems, underestimating what it takes to navigate the impact of change on your organization's people, culture, resources and systems often leads to chaos and failure to provide the education all students expect and deserve. Every initiative requires a change management component because it isn't just what you do that matters, why and how you do it are crucial to your success! 

Can your Institution ADAPT and PIVOT to Support your Initiatives?
Between where you want to go and where you are is likely a very messy middle --a transition gap.  Navigating changing circumstances requires everyone to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to understand their unique state of affairs from a variety of perspectives in order to recalibrate. We can help you shift gears.

Crucial Shift Consulting can Help You Manage Change!

Can your institution afford to get it wrong?

It's Complicated and Complex --whether it's Covid, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), enrollment, student affairs, academic or technology initiatives, shared governance or whatever else keeps you up at night, capacity-building expands your ability to pivot through current and inevitable future change. Everyone has a role and a stake in the outcome!

When failure is not an option
, we help stakeholders shift paradigms to build agility to balance what is desired with what is possible because even the best leaders cannot outperform their organization's capacity to deliver the mission. Failed initiatives squander valuable and finite time, opportunities and resources. The stakes are too high to leave change to chance.


Answers    Solutions    Action



Crucial Shift Consulting proprietary change model provides real-time program planning and implementation support designed to build --rather than destroy-- a culture of trust, community and effectiveness.


Customized services and retreats help campus coalitions improve the capacity of the organization's ecosystem of people, systems, processes, technologies and resources to work in sync to produce excellent outcomes for all students. What could be more important?

  • Capacity Assessments

  • Leadership Collaboration Support

  • Planning and Risk Assessments 

  • Initiative Implementation Support

  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Tools

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Community-Building

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Organizational Development Tools

  • Change Management Presentations and Keynote Addresses


Dr. Donna M. Buchanan, Crucial Shift Consulting President has over 20 years experience planning and implementing effective change strategies across industries and projects.

The Department Chair

 Wiley Publications

Spring 2024

The Department Chair

 Wiley Publications

Winter 2024

The Department Chair

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Winter 2023


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