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Dr. Donna Buchanan has helped expand capacity to achieve goals whether she worked for, or consulted for, academic, non-profit or private industry organizations.

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Based on our Change Management Model, Crucial Shift Consulting offers a full range of customized, integrated organizational and professional development services to help you systematically  navigate change and effectively implement new programs. 

Leadership Development​

  • Leadership Assessments, Training and Development

  • Decision-Making Protocols and Alignment

  • Paradigm-Shifting and Creative Problem-Solving Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Messaging

  • Transition Management (DE&I, Covid-19, New Programs)

  • Meeting and Conflict Facilitation

  • Anti-Bias Professional Development

  • Aligned Performance Goal Management

Organizational Development

  • ​SWOT Analysis and Change Management Strategy Planning and Implementation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Workflow and Process Re-engineering

  • Policy and Procedure Review and Re-engineering

  • Structural Design Assessment

  • Structural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Assessments and Program Implementation

  • Mission-Aligned Systems Integration

  • Communication Protocols and Mediums

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

  • ​Organizational Anti-bias Assessment

  • Anti-Bias Professional Development

  • Anti-Bias Systemic Interventions for Decision-Making, Policies and Procedures, Resource Allocation and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Anti-Bias Curriculum and Marketing Review

  • Anti-Bias Program Development and Implementation

  • Anti-Bias Workshops, Town-Hall Meetings and Interventions

  • Cross-Cultural and Cross-Gender Communication

  • Anti-Bias Conflict Management Program Development

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