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Five Common Hindrances
to Navigating Disruption in Higher Education

Despite your institution's level of funding, prestige, budget or Carnegie class at least one of these hindrances is likely interfering with your progress across campus.


1. Underestimating the tumultuous impact of change on the institution’s capacity to achieve the mission. Capacity consists of an ecosystem of people, organizational culture, systems, processes, and resources. 

2. Overabundance of disparate initiatives that compete for the same limited bandwidth (e.g., timing, staffing, resources, and systems). 

3. Inconsistent institutional agreement about shared governance (decision-making authority, process, and protocol) and academic freedom and freedom of speech. 

4. Ineffective stakeholder communication and engagement with diverse stakeholder groups.  

5. Underestimating the level of courage necessary to fill the gap between words and actions. 



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